Future-Proofing Their Health: Vaccines for Ageing Well

Research shows that millions of older Australian adults are under-vaccinated against the recommended vaccines. This, alongside age-related decline in immunity, leads to preventable disease burden for common vaccine-preventable diseases (including influenza, herpes zoster, pertussis and pneumococcal disease).1,2,3 Recommendation from a health professional was shown to be the most important factor influencing the decision to immunise.4 GPs are key health professionals responsible to identify and create opportunities to encourage vaccination in older adults.4

We are delighted to offer this interactive module featuring general practitioners and specialists in geriatrics, immunology and rheumatology, who have combined both their combined clinical and academic experience to explore ways for you to support healthy ageing in your patients.

For RACGP Members:
This education is a CPD Activity under the RACGP CPD Program. 
Activity ID: 723727

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This education is an accredited activity under the 2023-2025 ACRRM PDP. 
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Learning Objectives:
1. Assess the impact of age-related decline in immunity.
2. Discuss the burden of vaccine-preventable diseases in older adults.
3. Identify and create opportunities to encourage vaccination in older adults.

This educational activity was developed by Lateral Connections at the request of and with funding from GSK.

Date of Approval: January 2024 NX-AU-VX-WCNT-240001

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3. NCIRS. Evaluation of thenational shingles vaccination program process and early impact evaluation. Final Report. 1 March 2019
4. Bayliss J, et al. Hum Vaccin Immunother. 2021 Feb

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